Nova Pocket Spring Mattress – Medium Firm

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Medium Firm

Minimized Motion Transfer | Customized Support | Airflow & Breathability | Reduced Back & Joint Pain | Antibacterial Fabric

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Medium Firm


Nova Pocket Spring Medium Firm Mattress

Elevate your sleep with the Premium Nova Pocket Spring Medium Firm Mattress. It features a medium firm feel that is ideal for most sleepers, and it is made with high-quality materials, including Swedish Tech Insulated Pocket Springs, SoftPetal 30D Foam, and a Luxury Knit Anti-Bacterial Fabric.

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Nova Pocket Spring Medium Firm Mattress

SOFT PETAL Medium Foam is exclusively manufactured to provide support to the body and evenly distribute weight to the mattress core. It also facilitates air circulation, allowing the mattress to breathe easily. SOFT PETAL Medium Foam is made with highly durable and soft bounce materials, offering the body extreme relaxation and comfort.

Key Features

  • Durability and long-lasting quality
  • Comfortable support
  • Excellent air circulation
  • Provides relief from pain
  • Alleviates body aches and soreness
  • Reduces pressure on painful points of the body

Nova Pocket Spring Medium Firm Mattress

SWEDISH TECH Pocket Spring provides world-class support throughout the mattress and minimizes motion transfer to limit disturbances caused by your partner, children, or pets. Additionally, the firmer border offers edge support, making it easier to get in and out of bed.

Key Features

  • Independent functioning of springs with appropriate tension
  • Individualized support for each person sharing the bed
  • Deep level of support from head to toe
  • Reduces both roll-together and roll-off effects of pocket spring mattress
  • Conforms to the contour of your body
  • Provides a luxurious feel

Nova Pocket Spring Medium Firm Mattress

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Each pocket spring reacts separately to pressure applied, supporting body weight individually, rather than spreading body weight across the surface of the mattress. This helps to reduce the feeling of rolling into your partner and so promotes a more restful night’s sleep.


Because each individual pocket spring is enclosed within its own cloth sleeve, this holds it at consistent tension. This creates an even level of firmness across the whole of the mattress.


Nova Pocket sprung mattresses are considered a more premium type of sprung mattress, since they are renowned to provide consistent, total body support. Our range of pocket sprung mattresses are available in a wide range of pocket spring counts and firmness ratings, so you can choose the ideal level of support you need.


Since pocket springs work independently from each other, pocket sprung mattresses support your body weight to a greater degree than an open coil spring system (also known as standard sprung). This can help you to feel comfortable and well-supported as you sleep, reducing the risk of pressure point build-up.


Pocket sprung mattresses are known for their excellent motion isolation properties. As each pocket spring is separate and operates independently, they absorb and minimize motion transfer. This means that if your partner moves or gets out of bed during the night, you’re less likely to feel the motion and be disturbed, allowing for uninterrupted sleep.

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